Full service design and plan

When the time comes to build your new office, renovate your existing retail location, expand your shop and warehouse, or build your new storage unit facility, turn to MidAmerican Construction Management for complete one stop architectural design, engineering, site planning, and contractor selection under one roof.

There are endless numbers of architects and engineers you can hire. But unlike many of them, when you work with MidAmerican Construction Management you are working with a team that has actually spent decades in the field working on projects similar to yours. We bring our construction expertise to the design and engineering process. This means the following benefits for you:

  1. Building design and layout that is planned from the very beginning to best suit your building site.
  2. Our expertise in the field gives us the ability to help you select the construction methods that work best for your needs and budget.
  3. Site planning that takes into account your plans for future expansion
  4. Design from the beginning with your budget in mind. Our Partner Contractors are involved from the start, helping us ensure that the building we design for you will be in the price range you have set for your project.
  5. Architectural, site planning, structural and mechanical engineering, and bidding all in one location

And perhaps best of all, when you use MidAmerican Construction Management for your commercial design and planning, the full cost of your design services goes towards the down payment on your project when you work with one of our Contractor Partners!

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