Is a pole barn right for you?

If you want cost effective space for storage, a detached garage, warehouse space, or for farm use, a pole barn is just what you need. Pole barn construction goes up fast, and is typically 30% less expensive than traditional construction methods.
But this is not your grandfather's pole barn! When MidAmerican Construction Management designs a building for you, there are many options available to make your building more attractive and useful. We provide the structural blueprints you need for your permit and incorporate features such as:

  1. Decorative porches for gathering places out of the sun and rain
  2. Lean-to storage to park your boat or RV
  3. Insulation and heating, including heated floors!
  4. Thickened slab for car lifts
  5. Metal or drywall interior finishes
  6. Plumbing and electrical
  7. Attic storage
  8. Cupolas and weather vanes to enhance the curb appeal

The possibilities are endless when you design your new pole barn with MidAmerican Construction Management. And best of all, your design comes at no extra charge to you when you build with our expert Contractor Partner!

Contact us today to get started on your new pole barn outbuilding.