You have a dream; a vision of the perfect home for you and your family. We are here to help you turn your dream into an action plan to bring it to reality.

The secret to a successful new build or home renovation experience is in careful planning before you start. Knowing exactly what to expect before the first shovelful of dirt is moved or the first wall knocked down will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the process instead of it being the agonizing experience so many regret.

MidAmerican Construction Management offers unique services to you that will help you get the most for your time and money. Services such as:

  1. Work with a design professional who has years of experience in the construction trades to ensure that your new home design or renovation is well suited for your site and future plans.
  2. Home design, land survey, and soil and septic testing consultation (if necessary) all under one roof for ease of coordination.
  3. Design from the beginning with your budget in mind. Our Partner Contractors are involved from the start, helping us ensure that the building we design for you will be in the price range you have set for your project.
  4. We walk you through the process of selecting the finishes such as cabinets, flooring, and lighting for your new home or renovation, easing the burden and stress.

And perhaps best of all, when you use MidAmerican Construction Management for your new home design and planning, the full cost of your design services goes towards the down payment on your project when you work with one of our Contractor Partners!

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