Deck Construction

A new home deck offers new perspective

Imagine being able to cook out with your family and neighbors in the comfort of your own backyard with an all new deck! A gorgeous wood deck will allow you to entertain guests and enjoy your backyard like never before.

Mid American Construction Management provides deck installation and replacement services to homeowners in the Fort Wayne region. We can design and build a brand-new deck on your property in less time than you might think. If you just need a few boards replaced on your existing deck, we can tackle your deck replacement project, too.

Hire us today to get started building a wood or composite deck in your backyard.

Deck Installation and Replacement

Mid American Construction Management completes deck replacement and installation jobs in Auburn, IN and surrounding areas. A new deck will increase the value of your property, extend your living space and allow you to entertain guests in an outdoor environment.

Six helpful deck maintenance tips

  1. Stain your deck every few years
  2. Avoid sanding a wood deck before sealing it
  3. Wash your deck regularly
  4. Never scrub your deck with a wire brush
  5. Rearrange deck furniture once a year
  6. Repair minor damage immediately

Reach out to us today to discuss whether a wood or composite deck would be better for your property. We’ll make sure your deck installation is completed on schedule.