Home Room Additions

You love your home and wouldn’t dream of moving. It’s the perfect location, and besides you’ve made so many memories here.

If only it had a sunroom, or a formal dining room, or maybe a finished basement or additional bedroom! Then it would be perfect.

But maybe the thought of turning your beautiful home into a construction zone fills you with anxiety. Dust and dirt everywhere, and your home torn up for who knows how long.

Worse, doubtlessly you have heard horror stories about remodeling and remodeling contractors, projects half finished for months, prices changing inexplicably in the middle of the project, or even jobs that never get done at all.

We hear you, we understand, and we’ve figured out how to make room additions and remodeling a better experience for our customers!

So why wait? Give us a call at 260-438-8357 or Contact Us to get started today!

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